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YARKO is a new team of creatives of a multi-brand company that has a novel unique approach to creating content with a full animation production cycle from the idea to the distribution


Our company is a full life cycle of an animation brand: from the birth of an idea to the implementation of the project, marketing and PR promotion of the media brand, distribution and use of our own advertising agency.


It is part of a complete project creation cycle in which we respond to business challenges by developing new ideas and concepts.

Holding Synergy

In May 2021, our company became part of Gazprom-Media and is actively interacting with the holding's assets in search of new solutions and collaborations.

Our Approach

Rely on a deep understanding and awareness of audience’s demands and our partners’ business objectives.
Make certain that we possess a secret to creating hit animation and projects in demand for cartoon fans
Not only produce a creative content, but also provide projects support and advancement
Create dazzling moments for the viewers and create new business opportunities for our partners


Studio animation

Licensing Agency

Studio animation

Albina Mukhametzyanova
General Manager and general producer
Dmitry Averkiev
Director of Development
Istimirova Nadezhda
Animation studio director
Ekaterina Arhipova
Head of PR
Evgeny Chebotar
Director of technical department
Maksim Struzhkov
Chief Specialist of the Technical Department
Ekaterina Oksina
Chief operating officer


Oleg Kozyrev
Head Writer, Showrunner
Mariya Koneva
Lead Director
Stanislav Metelskij
Art Director
Stefaniya Dvoyak
Art Director
Anton Vazovskij
Executive producer
Darya Ilyina
Executive producer
Pavel Gutkovskij
Executive producer
Darya Pavlyukevich
Executive producer
Vladimir Borisenkov
Executive producer
Vladimir YAnshin
Executive producer
Kseniya Tyurnikova
Brand manage



3D animator


Creation of high-quality 3D-animation as part of the creative assignment from the director and supervisor;

Participation in the debugging of characters (description of difficulties arising when working with the character / object).



Experience in a corresponding position in the production of 3D-animation series;

Proficiency in the package Maya;

Experience in various animation styles, understanding of their principles and specifics;

Ability and desire to work in a team.

English will be a plus;

Skills to work in Blender will be a plus.


Artistic Director


Работать в плотной связке с Арт-директором студии, четко выявлять потребности производства.


Наличие сильного портфолио

Умение работать в заданной стилистике

Навык отрисовки: flat-персонажей, иконок и т.д., тех. дизайн

Чувство композиции, цвета, стилей современной цифровой графики

Опыт работы с Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop от 4-х лет

Будет преимуществом, если:
• Вы умеете работать с несложными 3D объектами
• У Вас развитое дизайн-мышление


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